Sound for Video

Dead Space Reel

This is a take on EA’s sci-fi horror "Dead Space". None of the original trailer audio was used. Created SFXs, implemented audio assets and recorded vocals.

Game Trailer: Dead Space Electronic Arts, 2008.

Silent Hunter 4 Trailer

Sound replacement for Ubisoft’s submarine simulator "Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific" Created SFXs, audio assets and remixed music track.

Game Trailer: Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific Ubisoft Entertainment, 2007.

Music Track: Kodo "Tataku: Best of Kodo II 1994-1999" Shake - Isuka Mata. Sony/Red Ink, 1994

The Last Man on Earth

This is an audio rendition of a segment from the opening scene of 1969’s "The Last Man on Earth". None of the original audio from the movie was used for this piece. Audio assets were implemented and music was remixed to develop the soundscape.

Film: The Last Man on Earth Dir. Ubaldo Ragona. Associated Producers, 1969.

Music Master Tracks: Nine Inch Nails "34 Ghosts IV" _Ghosts I-IV_. The Null Corporation, 2008